Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008

Rain in Southeast Alaska
Ain't it Grand?


Kristin said...

Hi Darrell - I'm here with my Dad, Kurt Hoelting, who you stayed with on your way out. (I also know Chester, by random chance). And I grew up in Petersburg, so I really appreciated your account of the trials of wetness and gnats. I know my Dad already told you to give a call to my grandma, Ruth Sandvik, who lives in the torquoise house kitty-corner to the hospital - 772-4573 - tell her you know me and my Dad and she will LOVE to talk to you about your trip. (she's 92 and still very spritely).

Good luck, I hope your tolerance level holds out til Skagway, but no matter what you've make it pretty damn far.


Bob said...

I sympathize with you. This has been the coolest summer here in Alaska since 1970 and one of the wettest. The big storm that hit you also caused me to change my paddling plans. I was headed towards Coronation Island but retreated from the 35 knot winds and 45 knot gusts! Oh well such is life upon the sea. Let me know what you want me to do with the stuff you mailed ahead to me.
take care and maybe next year I can show you around Petersburg in better weather
Bob Carter