Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008

Reading the Conditions
Knowing your Limits


Rich Barry said...

Hi Darrell,

I am glad your passage across the strait of Georgia was a safe one. One of the offices where I work overlooks Johnstone strait just North of Campbell River so I got to see first hand yesterday the type of winds you were describing in your podcast. It was a good call to hang out on Texada. Take care, Rich

m said...

hey there, good to see you using your noggin (being from the midwest you know what that means) even when your tired. love looking each evening at the satelitte photo of where you are. Makes it so real.


Bill said...

Keep using that most important piece of gear... good judgment. Digging the posts, thanks for keeping us updated. Bill

Anonymous said...

Great description of your "sea head" Darrell. Thanks for that! John

kayakwa said...

rock on darrell,

really an inspiring two pod-casts, i will say it again i think you have come across a great way to expedition sea kayak and keep people literally right there with you by hearing your words.
sounds like an epic few days... and when you talked about your "sea head" you had chills running up my spine, your doin great and i will be following and listening until the end,
paul shelton