Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

The rapids between the Islands


kayakwa said...

checking your progress on google earth while i listen to your podcasts. its really neat to see the uploaded photos from google earth and be able to see exactly where you are at and the progress your making. awesome, just awesome darrell....keep on truckin, im also following matt and djuna from bodyboatblade and their expedition around the kenai peninsula, they are doing great as well, a toast to safe paddling.

m said...

wooohooo Darrell, amazing! I have seen patients stop and look at the maps at work and they are all amazed to see what you are doing.


Olalladave said...

Go Darrell Go !!!
Great to hear you as you move along. Best wishes and safe travels.
Dave & Helaine

Bill said...

We of Boston Bob's top secret Tuesday SRK paddlin' skills & scotch drinkin' crew are getting a real charge out of your posts -- and we hope you're digging our weekly group-shout howdy on Bob's cell phone to your voice mail. Great to be able to feel like we're right there with you.

Be safe brother. - Bill

Susan said...

Hi Darrell..Susan here, from the ceremony at Beaver Lake. I hope this finds you well...i had no idea of the width and breadth of your journey ntil i looked at your sight today.
I send you a song of wonder and well wishes! Susan singing River

Holly said...


Hello and happy Solstice from south Whidbey. It's so amazing to watch the map and track your progress northward. Thank you for the audio--listening to your voice at the end of a crossing, I get at least some sense of the experience--enough for my imagination to take it and run with it a little.

Wishing you fair weather,