About Me

Darrell Gardner

I grew up in the Great Lakes region of northern Ohio, but left soon after high school. I migrated to the west coast and eventually settling in Santa Fe, NM. I graduated from Santa Fe Community College with a degree in nursing in 1997. Prior to that, I lead a vagabond life style living in northern California, Alaska and Hawaii. I have traveled extensively in the U.S., Canada, western Europe, the UK and Ireland. While living in northern California, I was introduced to Zen Buddhist Meditation and kundalini yoga and have been a practitioner of both for over thirty years. In 1977, I was recognized as a dharma teacher in the Buddhist tradition and lead a weekly meditation group and organized periodic meditation retreats. My work as a medical professional grew out of my work as an outdoor educator in the 1990’s using nature as a therapeutic treatment with mentally ill adults and youth at risk. As an outdoor educator I also facilitated ropes courses and took training courses through the Colorado School of Outward Bound and the Outdoor Pursuit Center of New Zealand. After being trained as a wilderness first responder and EMT, I was accepted into the nursing program in Santa Fe, NM. Throughout all these different periods of my life, the one constant was my strong relationship with the natural world. Either through exploration or encouragement of responsible stewardship. Whether I’m in remote areas of Alaska or just out my back door in Santa Fe, I realize that being in nature has always allowed me to reach that innermost point of balance. I am now living and working in Seattle as a traveling nurse which allows me the flexibility to try to maintain this delicate balance between service to community and mother earth.