Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Letter from Darrell

Dear Family and friends,

It’s August and in arctic Alaska the Brooks Range has seen its first snow fall. And I’m back to complete the final leg of my odyssey. I will step out into the Gates of the Arctic National Park in a few days to traverse a hundred miles of some very rugged terrain between Wiseman, Alaska to Anaktuvuk Pass. Then switch to water travel solo rafting the final two hundred miles down the North Slope via the Anaktuvuk and Colville Rivers to Arctic Ocean. Don’t let the relatively short distances fool you, these final miles have the potential of being some of the most challenging of the trip given their remoteness and intact eco systems. That means bears with a capital G for grizzlies. I will be posting to my blog as often as possible using my “SPOT” beacon and satellite phone. They say there will be coverage this far north, 70 degrees north latitudes at trip's end by September 1st.

I want to thank all of you that have followed my trip over these past nine years. The personal responses sent by those of you this spring were especially encouraging as I struggled to find the right combination to successfully move forward. As I walk into this unknown, I know you are there. I hope the August where you are will reveal insights into your unknown. The metaphor for this trip has always been that my life is a journey and not a race.

All the best


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