Monday, August 20, 2012

Reporting from Anaktuvuk Pass

200 miles to go! After surviving winds and rain in some of the harshest places on the planet, Darrell finds shelter at the Anaktuvuk Pass, where a small community provides rest. Darrell reports on wildlife and the natural beauty he's experienced along the way, as well as his expectations for the remainder of the trek. Weather up ahead appears good, and the home stretch of the journey looks positive. With only river travel remaining, Darrell needs only to gear up before setting out once more.

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Emily Youcha said...

We saw you today (8/25/12) on the Anaktuvuk River while we were at our Met Station about 5 miles from the confluence with the Colville. Just after you left we saw a bear cross the river in front of you. Did you see it? Here is a link to that station (although the cameras aren't working): Sincerely, Emily Youcha, Erica Lamb, Nathan Stephen and our Bristow Pilot Carl.